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Photo Gallery

Dave Rasmussen`s beautiful 1/12 scale (6 inch diameter) Mercury Redstone uses an Aero Pack 75mm motor retainer. Dave`s rocket includes a detailed Freedom 7 capsule with functioning escape tower using a 29mm motor and 3 custom ceramic nozzles.


L to R: Brian Jarvis, Bob Mosley, John Lewis & the late Ed Mercer prepare the A/V camera rocket with 1.2 GHz downlink. (photo by Jeff Stai)




Camera Bay


Bob Mosley & Tom Lewis Pre-Flight Camera Rocket (photo by John Lewis)


Away on K185


Post-Flight Examination


Aero Pack motor retainers can take the heat.


Gates Brothers Porthos launch team.


Porthos streaks off the pad at liftoff.


Flames from seven motors roar from the Porthos!


Post flight inspection of aft end shows Aero Pack retainers once again taking the heat!


Left to Right: Scott Bartel, Gary Rosenfield, the late Erik Gates and Dirk Gates roll Porthos II out to the pad.


Gates Brothers / Aero Pack custom aluminum bulkplate retainer assembly holding six N4800T`s and one N2000.


Porthos II away on three of six N4800T`s, followed by three more N4800T`s and finally the N2000 sustainer.


Heat and Dirt - Aero Pack Motor Retention Can Take It!


Prototype of "AURORA" radio controlled rocket powered flying wing using AeroTech 32mm G12 motor.


Mike and Lucas Worthen fly their Aero Pack equipped Skunk Works 10" Bullpup for Mike`s successful level 3 certification.


Chris Mikovits with his beautiful Sanukat rocket sporting an Aero Pack TA5439PA tailcone.


The "Landshark" Rocket Recovery Vehicle

5.5" diameter Phoenix with Aero Pack 75mm motor retainer at Plaster Blaster

We`ve had several inquiries about Aero Pack’s rocket retrieval buggy. Here`s some general information that covers a few of the questions we`ve been asked: The buggy’s name is ‘Landshark’. It`s not a mobile rocket launcher. The rack is for securing a spent rocket, in place, for transport. The Landshark took a year for us to build. It weighs only 750lbs and has a 6 speed 200HP Hayabusa engine. This gives a high power-to-weight ratio for dramatic performance. The suspension travel is 18” front and rear. It was featured in and on the cover of Sand Sports magazine. The onboard GPS receiver provides easy location of rockets with GPS transceivers.

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